Friday, July 21, 2006

A few odds and ends...

Since my confidentiality agreement precludes me from sharing any production art from 30 Days with you fine folks, here's a few pieces I've done in my little bit of spare time down here in NZ. Back home, I'm campaigning for a spot on the the new Batman flick- these are a few concept pieces. Some of you have already seen them, but can one ever really get enough images of psychotic Batman villains?

I think not.

Also, here's a few pics that make me kinda sad. In the window of a vinatge clothing store right next to my hotel, there's a poor wildcat immortalized in a really low-rent taxidermy mishap. As most of you know, I like animals more than people for the most part, and the thought of something that was once so proud, free and beautiful ending up like this- especially when I have to walk past the poor bastard twice a day- really kind of sucks.

To be honest, though- I also giggle to myself because I can't help thinking about the 'sex panther' scene from Anchorman.

Oh yeah... I have no idea why the color's all screwed up on the Assassin cover- I'd fix it, but I'm too damn tired right now.



Blogger kidjoker said...

I fully expect copies digital of course of those drawings of Joker and two face. Oh yeah i also have purchassed Condemned about a week ag and also went and gopt 30 days of night. Thanks once again for finding new and improved ways for this unemployed bum to spend money and hold up in his house without any prospect of sex or personal interaction. I owe you.

Also in your "spare" time why not draw something constructive like the tattoo you said you would do for me bitch. haha

11:06 AM  
Blogger Jet said...


Sorry my proclivity for pop culture excess has put a strain on your wallet, to say nothing of your sex life.

I wanted to ask you the other day... how in the hell did you have occasion to email Snakebite?

I promise I'll do your damn tattoo when I get back... now shut up and go play some Condemned.

2:17 PM  
Blogger kidjoker said...

that is fine with me and my sex life is what it is one ho after another, i am going to put the big guy away for a bit any hoo. I finished condemned, fuck yeah it took me almost a whole day to beat that bastard at the end but i ripped his fucking head off and man did it feel good.

Snakebite huh, i actually got an email from him about the comic con and his panel where he got my address from i have no idea, but i thouhgt it was going to go back to you so when i replied bite me bitch it started a little witty banter. Good times would love to pick his fucking brain and learn a bit from him also.

No worries bro on the tat. Oh yeah the g4 cable channel has been broadcasting from the comic cn and i have to say god what a bunch of whacoos but man would i love to go there. The thng that surprised me the most was the extrodinary large amount of extremely hot woman there dressed up like freaks fuck i might of stood a chance with woman like that.

My brother i think has actually been to an all blacks game or match or whatever they call it

8:24 AM  

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