Saturday, July 22, 2006

Best. Story. Ever.

I figured, after the ranting and such earlier, I'd end this evening's posts on an appropriately silly note.

Oh- and I just got an email confirming that Heath Ledger's going to play The Joker.

Damn... now I'm going to have to do a whole 'nother concept piece.

Later, kids


Blogger kidjoker said...

God i love smart woman

8:14 AM  
Blogger kevinfromatlanta said...


Loving the blog, great peice on Edmond, he was truly and original, Heath sounds good for Joker.

As your most comservative relative and first cousin I would like to say Bush has nearly ruined our rep worldwide, I hope a new administration can begin to clean up the mess. Sadam didnt have sh*t to do with 911, he was a defanged foe in 92, left in position to fill a void (an known enemy is better than an unknown).

Great now my kids have to fight a jihad for all of eternity!

The pics around town are fantastic, please keep carrying your camera. The samples are great.., more please.

P.S. conservative doesnt mean republican national committee boot licker, or mindless christian conservative zealot, some of us are free thinkers of no party affiliation, still christian, still conservative but truly open minded allowing mankind to be whatever they want to be and cherishing the differences. Peace.

1:59 PM  

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